About Our Store


The Be SEEDsational shop is an interactive platform to advocate sustainability, and the continuing movement towards healthier living. By offering products and services, we hold to the hope that what you receive is more than just a book or bag, but also education, experience, and an opportunity to promote better knowledge and practices for seasonal eating and living.

We are creators of a worldwide, multilingual Be SEEDsational campaign that encourages people to grow their own herbs, fruits, vegetables, and seasonal plants while teaching us all to respect others who already do so. However our campaign does not stop there. From plants, to community support and networking, active healthy living and promoting positive environmental lifestyle choices – we have a myriad of ways we work to promote the seeds of change in our world, this store is just one!

Regardless of your age and background, you can Be SEEDsational by addressing social issues, sharing your enthusiasm with friends, and sharing offers and knowledge amongst your community. Join us on our quest for a flavourful and balanced lifestyle!                                                   

Armed with the knowledge of health and wellbeing, you are the seeds of change! From publications to workshops, community events and more, there's something for everyone to help do their part.

If you don’t know who Yummie is by now – he is the loveable hero in our highly illustrated book series – Seasonal Warriors. See in store now and get your very own copy to discover the magical world around us.


In a forgotten age, after the Big Bang, four mystical planets emerged in a hidden corner of the universe known only as Seedarious. Yummie, the Guardian of Seedarious, watched over these planets for millennia, until they erupted and showered the universe with seasonal magic. Now, he is looking for a team of exceptional people, whom he can empower with seasonal magic to help him defend the cosmos from his ancient foe, Ecorrosion™, who seeks to unravel the very fabric of reality.

Enjoy and welcome to the Be SEEDsational Shop!